Nikita Gareyshin
Founder & Art Director
He is the visionary, founder and driving force.
He pulled together the core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents in the process. He works on strategy and product visions.
Everything began in May 2016, when I was planning my holidays and realised that I could not choose which of my watches I should take. I was going to Montenegro. Country of hot weather, sandy beaches and unbidden nature. Back then I though: I would need one watch for evenings, another - for excursions and the third one – for a beach time. So, I needed minimum three watches.
I thought my choice over, made a decision and put everything side by side with my travel bag. As I packed my things I was thinking where I should put my watches. In the bag's pocket the glass could have been scratched and the strap could have been rumpled. As a result, I folded them in a t-shirt.

But there must be an elegant solution, I thought. And after the holidays I searched for existing accessories. Examined them and realised that they left a lot to be desired. Next time when I went to a vacation, I was testing a new watch case!
N&N Watch Cases - Inside The Manufacture
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- Made our first product: watch case for travel.
- Brand is created as dedicated project.
- We launched our website and online shops (ebay, etsy).
- First attempts to make a watch box.
- Designed and made first set of watch stands.
- Worked on processes of watch box production.
- Watch boxes production has begun.
- 12 watch box design has started.
- Release of box for 12 watches with designed touch-to-open mechanism made with 3d-print technology.
- Launched separate bespoke service to order custom watch box with any configuration and multiple options.
- New materials were added: American walnut and Blue interior colour.
- Filmed our first video and launched YouTube channel.
- New top secret product design is started.
- Filmed new videos: box for 6 watches
and Inside the manufacture.
- Working on new set of watch cases.
- Dark Ash wood and Black interior are no longer available to order.
- Finally Watch stands are coming back in stock!

Our watch boxes

Six watches and Two side compartments for watch stuff
2 Tier piece, drawer for straps and tray are included
Instagram: @nnwatchcases