Watch Stands

When everything's under control even in the office

Stand for Watch and Mobile Phone

We noticed that many people take off their watches while sitting at the desk.
That's why we elaborated a stand for a watch, a phone and everyday trifles.

Together with our industrial designer we found the angle of its inclination so that the watch does not fall.
We tested it with overwhelming majority of straps – you needn't even fasten the watch.
You quickly take it off, quickly put it on and strive to a meeting.

Base: 10' x 6' x 0.8'
Watch stand: 3.9' х 2' х 2'


Solid Oak as wood
Covered with Beeswax
and Alcantara
You can take the watch stand and put it where you want. It is no longer important whether you are a left-hander or right-hander.
Every stand comes in a branded casing.
Thick packing will protect the stand during delivery.
Marvellous watch stand that is so versatile, it has saved me at the office and in the evening at the bedside table.
Peter Kotsa

Our watch boxes

Six watches and Two side compartments for watch stuff
2 Tier piece, drawer for straps and tray are included
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