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What do people say?
When we ship a parcel with goods for you, it doesn't mean the job is done.
We work with you from order placing to parcel arriving.
It's very important for us to provide the best service experience we can.

And we happy to get such worm words from you!
Hi Nikita,
Watch box received yesterday, it's absolutely gorgeous! Lovely finishing! And it was definitely right to go for the glass lid! Thanks for the advise.
Zuhaib, UK / Custom watch box for 10 watches
© 2021
you have outdone yourself!! This watch box is amazing! This is exactly what I am hoping to get as a watch box. From the packaging to the presentation, you covered it all!
Thank you for making me feel special and as a valuable customer, the only thing I need now is more watches!
Allen, USA / Custom watch box for 10 watches
© 2021
Hi Nikita!
Watch box received well and good! I am over the moon with the box! Thanks for the great purchasing experience completely online, maintaining efficient communication all the way through designing, building and shipping of the box.
Alex, Singapore / Custom watch box for 12 watches
© 2021
Hello Nikita,
I apologise for the late response, yes he received the gift. Thank you very much for a wonderful job on the box, and on being able to deliver the box in time for his birthday. I truly appreciate You and your company! I am waiting on him to send me some photos and I will share them on you instagram account. I may also think about getting myself a watch box in the near future.
William, USA / Custom watch box for 21 watches
© 2021
Hi Nikita,
Package has arrived - thank you very much for the delivery and nice watch box quality is really good and as expected - I will definitely recommend your service to my contacts.
Steen, Denmark / White Ash-wood and Grey interior for 6 watches
© 2021
The box arrived today in perfect condition. I was surprised how nice the box smelt when I opened it given the use of real wood. Really appreciate the care in packaging taken to ensure the box's safe journey to the US. Many thanks and I hope more people continue to buy your boxes!!
Jonathan, USA / Red wood and Green interior for 6 watches
© 2020
Hi Nikita — The box arrived safe and sound! It's really amazing. The quality and style are excellent, exactly what I was hoping for. I'm glad it all worked out in the end. Thanks again!
Michael, USA / Custom watch box for 10 watches
© 2020
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