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Watch Cases

When you need more than one watch on a trip

All watch cases are sold

We work on new line of travel cases, stay tuned.
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Watch Case for Travels

When you need more than one watch on a journey, a voyage or a business trip. You shall neither fold it in your trousers, nor put it in a packet – it is not the thing.

Size: 10.6"W & 7''H
Each Pocket Measures: 3.5"H&W


Details have always been a strong point of a gentleman.
Be a gentleman – pay attention to your watch.
People will appreciate it.
The case is suitable for classic watches with a diameter up to 50 mm.
G-shock and the like are not for it.
Straps, wristlets and for example a screwdriver will also perfectly fit into it.
We sew with firm textile and soft suede.
We carefully choose materials.
We strictly control the quality.

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