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First Russian brand of watch accessories
Brand Owner & Customer Support
The main gentleman on the project.
I reply to your e-mails and forum requests, coordinate all details with production, design and test new products.
Product Designer
The main designer on the project.
I match colours and materials, coordinate details with production and control the quality of products.
We live and work in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Everything began in May 2016, when I was planning my holidays and realised that I could not choose which of my watches I should take. I was going to Montenegro. In fact it means heat, beach and nature. That time I thought: I need one watch for evenings, another – for excursions and the third one – for the beach. So, I needed minimum three watches.
I thought my choice over, made a decision and put everything side by side with my travel bag. As I packed my things I was thinking where I should put my watches. In the bag's pocket the glass could have been scratched and the strap could have been rumpled. As a result, I folded them in a t-shirt.

But there must be some elegant solution. After holidays I searched for existing accessories, examined them and realised that they left a lot to be desired. Next time when I went to Crimea, I was testing a new watch case.


We work together with two wood factories, their engineers and production. We have developed a box for watches and straps. In May 2018 we released a watch stand. By the end of the year we are planning to launch a completely new product for gentlemen and their watch collections. Stay tuned.