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Watch Box for 6 Timepieces

When the order is above all

Watch box for 6 watches and straps

All boxes are in stock and ready to be shipped.
Watch cushion size
Most of professional and amateur collectors have spare straps, watch tools and other small items alongside with watches. If you have an ordinary box to store watches, all these essential accessories are kept somewhere nearby completely disordered.
That's why we elaborated a box that will overcome this nuance.

Watch box: 14.2''L, 8.6''W, 3.9''H
Watch slot: 2.3'' x 3.5''
Stuff slot: 7.9'' x 2.8''
Weight: 4.4 lbs / 2.1 kg

    Materials and Details

    Ash is supplied from the south of Russia, namely from the Caucasus.
    Red wood, types of Sapele, is delivered from the Central Africa.
    The interior is made of manufactured artificial suede – silsuede.
    It is much more durable and pleasant to touch than ordinary suede.
    Museum Glass
    Museum glass was processed using Magnetron Sputtering technology. It is nearly invisible as compared to ordinary glass and blocks 90% of UV rays.
    Cushion sizes
    You will be able to choose exact cushion size you need to keep your watches perfectly.
    Case size
    The box holds watches with a case up to 50 mm. Panerai or U-Boat will be perfectly accommodated.
    Every box comes in a branded casing.
    Thick packing will protect the box during delivery.
    Photos from our customers
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