Watch Boxes

New home
for your watch collection
We created a set of handmade watch boxes to keep your collection safe.
Beautiful wood, box interior colours and materials were chosen carefully.
We gathered a lot of experience and knowledge base to start produce custom watch boxes.
And all the above is done here, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Watch box for 6 timepieces
Watch box for 12 timepieces
Custom watch box
Since 2016

we create and produce watch accessories
17 specialists

work on each watch box
7 productions

are involved in creation process
At least 60 days

is required to produce one watch box
I can keep the watches, and the straps, and the tools together.
It's a perfect watch enthusiast companion!
Jory Goodman
The Time Teller

We design, create and work with watch storage only. Our team researches how people keep their collections. We talk and collaborate with watch collectors and work with real-life experience. This approach allowed us to create a watch box suited for the most demanding collectors.

This approach allows us to create a watch box for 6 and 12 watches suitable for the most demanding collectors.
Instagram: @nnwatchcases