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The shipment happens after the order is placed and payment is completed.
Usually we ship an order in 2 business days.

Shipment services we trust:
8-30 days worldwide
2-10 days in Russia
We pay extreme attention to a box safety during delivery
Since 2016 we had two incidents: one lost watch box in the US and 1 broken custom box in Germany. In both cases we provided new pieces immediately.

As you may know all of our classic watch boxes contain Museum glass which is pretty delicate. So we did about 5 iterations of package design: we performed tests, chose materials and found great way to avoid any issues!

As a result nowadays we use 6 different package materials to send a box.

In case of issues or product crashes during delivery, don't worry, we'll send you new product quickly. Furthermore, we insure all parcels that we ship.
Frequently Asked Questions
We work hard every day to make our customer lives better and happier
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, sure, all around the world.
Due to COVID-19 situation some countries are not available for EMS, South America and Africa mostly.
What is the default shipping service?
If you outside of Russia, you may choose between two logistic companies: DHL or EMS.
DHL provides better service and great dates (4-8 days), but it costs more: from $140.
EMS delivers in 8-20 days mostly and starts from $80.

If you are in Russia, CDEK will be perfect choice with 2-10 days of delivery and $15+ price.
For Saint Petersburg citizens and guests delivery is usually set next day and no fees at all.
What are regular shipping dates?
It's based on the country, but usually they are the following:
USA: DHL 4-8 days, EMS 8-18 days;
Europe: DHL 4-8 days, EMS 6-20 days;
Canada: DHL 6-10 days, EMS 14-28 days;
Asia & Africa: DHL 4-10 days, 14-40 days;
Australia, New Zealand, Oceania: DHL 10-18 days, EMS 30-120 days.
What if a package is lost by post service?
If package is lost, we'll prepare a new one for you as quick as possible.
What if a package is broken due to delivery?
We did a lot of work to make our packaging process nice, we pick proper materials to cover our products during delivery. Also, all our packages are insured, so it will be only our problem.

But if you get a broken item, we'll prepare a new one.
How to track delivery status?
When parcel is sent, tracking number will be provided same day.
Each logistic company has their own website: DHL, EMS and CDEK.
But sometimes there is no updates, in this cases we advise to use Parcel App.
Instagram: @nnwatchcases